Why Choose to Hire a Foreign Nanny in Canada (Over Daycare)


Should you hire a foreign nanny in Canada or send your child to a daycare center? Don’t know which one to choose? Let us tell you why you should consider getting a child care provider instead.

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You wake up each day without worrying about your sleeping child.

With a daycare, you have to wake up earlier in the morning to be able to get him dressed up so you can bring him to the center. After which, you have to hurry back home so you can prepare for work. When you hire a foreign nanny in Canada, you can just check on your kid before you head to the office for work. The nanny’s in charge. More importantly, your child is at home and you can be sure you’re not late at work.


You don’t have to miss work when your child is sick.

Daycares don’t take children in when they are sick as this may expose other kids to certain illness. Therefore, you may need to miss your work when your little one is sick. Because you choose to have a nanny, this will not be a concern.


There’s someone to help you out at home.

Part of nanny duties is to cook food for your child and the family. Depending on your agreement, she can also do some light housekeeping tasks. This means you have an extra hand to help you out with household works. This is a big relief on your part. You do not have to rush home after work just to prepare for dinner. More importantly, there’s someone to look after your home.

You start and end the day stress-free.

You do not have to feel stressed out even when your child does not want to wake up yet. There’s no reason to rush because you are not sending him to the daycare center. You are not in a hurry even to go back home so you can feed your family. There’s somebody who will do that for you. You can just go home and readily eat dinner with family.


Sending your child to a daycare may cost you less than hiring a nanny, but taking these and other benefits into consideration, you know it is still a better decision to hire a foreign nanny in Canada. Talk to an expert immigration consultant to help you find one.


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