Questions Nannies Ask Parents: What to Ask During Interview


Today’s your interview. You did all the research to know the common questions parents ask potential nannies like you. There’s one thing you’re forgetting, though: Knowing questions nannies ask parents. Yes! As a nanny, you also need to know some important things. What to ask? Continue reading.

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  • What do you expect me to do as a nanny?


During the interview, most employers focus their ‘Q and A’ on how nannies attend to the needs of their children. For some reasons, some of them do not mention responsibilities outside of the childcare duties. So, have the guts to ask: Am I expected to do housekeeping? How about errands? Do you have pets that I should also take care of? You have to be very vocal about this to avoid misunderstanding.


  • Will you be driving for the child? Will you use their family car or your own?


Ask also if you are expected to drive. Is it for the kid only or will there be times when you’ll be driving for the whole family? If you will use your car, will they pay for the gas? Can you use their vehicle instead? There are a lot of things you need to know in this aspect.


  • Are there some things that I need to know about the child?


This is also one of the questions nannies ask parents. Yes, it’s important you get to know the kid that you’ll be taking care of. Is he a well-behaved child or a naughty one? Is he very active? What are his likes and dislikes? Can he already do things on his own? By getting answers to all these questions, you can make preparations, particularly when approaching him the first time. You want him to have a good impression of you.


  • How do you discipline your child and how do you want me to do it?


Inquire about the parent’s ways of handling the child, particularly when he’s throwing tantrums. Does she want you to do all the things for the child or to make him grow up independent? Can you discipline the child your ways or does she have proven methods to do it? Why ask all these questions? For one, you don’t want to mess with the mom. Second, you may want to discipline the kid in a way that already works before.

You still have a lot to know about questions nannies ask parents. Continue your research before going to the scheduled interview.

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