Why Should I Choose You? (The Dreaded Nanny Interview Questions)


Being in front of the person who has the power to accept or reject your application is tough — particularly if you want the job so much. However, being asked with the dreaded nanny interview questions is tougher. Here are some tips on how to answer them:

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Why do you think you are fit for the job?

Yes, it’s almost the same question as ‘Why should I choose you?’ So, how do you respond to this? Aside from your education or child care training, you should also emphasize your first-aid skills. Mention your energy and your love for sports or physical activities as well. These indicate your ability to manage physical interaction (for instance, running after the child almost every minute). Highlight your adaptability, reliability, trustworthiness, compassion, organizational and multi-tasking skills, and others.


What will you do if you get angry with my child?

Surprise! Yes, the question seems easy to answer…but you’ll realize you are at a lost for words. Another example of dreaded nanny interview questions, right? Should you say: “Me? I shouldn’t get angry with your child!” No. Be honest. There will be times when the kid will put your patience to a test. Moms know this. Just make sure that when you answer this question, you’ll send the message that you are not the type of nanny who believes in hitting a child to instill discipline.


What will you do if my child asks you to do something and you know it’s something I don’t approve of?

As a nanny, the child may begin to share things with you. Tell you secrets. What if it is something you know the mom does not approve of? What will you do? Disclosing it to the parent may hurt the kid and he may lose his trust in you. Tough question, right? Answer as honest as possible. You may say you’ll talk to the kid and explain to him that what he’s doing is not right and that his mom should know it. Remember: Building a friendship with the child is very important, but his safety and well-being are always your priority.


When invited for an interview by the prospective employer, get yourself ready to hear the dreaded nanny interview questions to avoid getting flat-footed…and to pass the interview and be hired for the job.

If you are a foreign worker experiencing difficulty in finding an employer that fits your requirements (yes, of course, you also have your own sets of prerequisites) or you have other concerns about Canadian immigration, you can get in touch with Sure Immigration at 1-877-396-9084.


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