How to Raise a Happy Child


Regardless if you are a nanny or a parent, you want the same thing for the child: grow up to feel loved and be loved, be a good person and be happy. But the question is: How to raise a happy child? Below are some tips:

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Offer him a happy environment

To start, you must be happy yourself. Always wear a smile — even if you have been in a bad or an unpleasant situation, try not to let your frustration or anger rub off onto the kid. Be a master of happiness in front of him. In this way, he will always feel positive about his environment.

Make him feel connected.

To make a child’s lifelong emotional well-being positive, ensure that he’s connected to you, to your partner and to every member of the family. Teach him how to make friends with neighbors, in school and others. It will make him feel loved and acknowledged. He will know there’s someone he can play with, talk to, laugh with and more importantly, enjoy life with.

Praise the child for his efforts.

It’s normal for parents to teach their kids to strive hard in school and in every activity they do. However, some push them too hard that things become difficult or unbearable for them. As a parent (or a nanny), learn to praise the child for his efforts; never drive him to perfection. Let the process of praising him and rewarding him for his efforts teach him to achieve more on his own. Overemphasizing achievement can lead him to anxiety, depression or others.

Teach him how to become responsible.

Another method on how to raise a happy child is to give him responsibilities that will make him feel included. Let him contribute on his own ways to promote self-worth. It can be as easy as helping you out in fixing his own bed or preparing the table for dinner. Don’t forget to praise him for his contributions.

How to raise a happy child? Nurture happiness to his environment. Reward or praise him for his contributions and efforts. Certainly, you can tell him he’s wrong if he does wrong. You can make him a happy child while instilling discipline.

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