Nanny Interview Tips: What to Ask Prospective Nannies


Looking for a nanny? Never think about hiring just anyone who approached you or who is referred to you. Remember, the issue here is your child — her safety, most importantly. Make an effort (a huge one!) to know what to ask prospective nannies. Below are nanny interview tips to help you:

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Do you have first aid training or CPR certification?

Why ask this? Accidents may happen — and you can’t be sure you will always be there to attend to your child. She must know how to do first aid. She must also have proper training and sufficient experience in child care.


How long have you been working as a nanny? Can you give me a reference?

Ask her how many children have been under her care and what were the experiences and the lessons she learned during these times. Let her share with you the best parts of her job, as well as the most challenging ones. Listen and evaluate her every word.


Are you comfortable with being asked to do a daily report — on paper or verbally?

Certainly, you need to know how’s your child during the day. Hence, she must be prepared to report to you soon as you come home. Can she do it on paper or verbally? Will she feel comfortable with it?


What is your overall philosophy on child-rearing?

You must realize that even as a nanny, she must be able to teach discipline to your child. Because of this, you should include this on what to ask prospective nannies. How does she do that? What will she do in case she did something wrong? What are her beliefs or thoughts about raising a child?


Can you take care of my kid in case I’ll be out for a night or a few days?

Work and urgent situations may prevent you from going home for a night or a few days. You must know already if she can sleep in your home so she can take care of your child. If the prospective nanny can’t do it, drop her from the list. You need someone you can count on anytime.  


There is still a lot to question. By knowing what to ask prospective nannies, you will be able to determine who’s looking for a job and who has the passion for the job. Yes, these are two different things. Learn these nanny interview tips. If you can’t find the child service provider that fits your requirements, you can seek assistance from Sure Immigration and the immigration consultancy company can help you in finding an exceptional foreign nanny for your kid. Call now at 1-877-396-9084.


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